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This is going to be a short Article on a simple and easy method to automate your Buying strategy.

Corrections in a Bull market
Spreading your Buying
Platforms that offer Grid Bots
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Corrections in a Bull market.

In a complete Bull cycle,
we can expect to see about ten or more major Corrections.

Do not panic when you see BTC or your favorite Big Cap
drop +30% in a short period of time.

This is perfectly normal, and these are in fact Buying opportunities.

Total Market Cap chart on Tradingview

At the time of writing, December 6th 2020, I think a first major Correction for…

In this guide we will be discussing the HXRO platform,
and how to automate your trading on it with the HXRObot.

- About HXRO
- About HXRObot
- Connecting the Bot
- Setting up a strategy
- How to WIN
- Conclusion

About HXRO

Here’s a step by step guide on how to set up the method discussed in my previous article.

In this original article,
I have explained my reasoning why KCS is absolutely the best Altcoin to stack with a Grid based Bot.

- Step 1 Create a Kucoin account
- Step 2 Create a Bitsgap account
- Step 3 Send bitcoin to Kucoin
- Step 4 Move bitcoin from Main to Trading Account
- Step 5 Create a Kucoin API Key
- Step 6 Add Kucoin connection on Bitsgap
- Step 7 Setting up the SBot
- Conclusion

Step 1 Create a Kucoin account

Create a Kucoin…

This is how I trade with very high Leverage.

If you are really not in to trading though,
but want an easy way to earn well with Crypto;
read this guide instead:

- General Tips
- Before you even start
- Determining Bias
- Trading
- How I use Tradingview to look for Buys and Sells
- How I use Tensorcharts to look for Buys and Sells
- Conclusion
- Other articles, Crypto Knowledge Pool Community, and Social Media

I have made a lot of mistakes for over a year to come to these conclusions. …

In this article I explain a bit about the Bitsgap platform, how it gives you a simple and easy method to accumulate Kucoin Shares (KCS), and my reasoning for choosing KCS.

- About Bitsgap
- About KCS
- The synergy
- Conclusion

Bitsgap Homepage

Recently I have been testing out the Bitsgap platform.

More specifically I have been trying out their Bot.
While the platform also offers Arbitrage, Signals, Portfolio Management,..

The Bitsgap Sbot is a high frequency, Grid based Bot.
The bot is extremely easy to implement and use,
as you don’t have to bother dealing with indicators or signals for Buying and Selling.

Instead you simply place a Grid…


CEO of fehu, creator of Crypto Knowledge Pool

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